Casino royale poker scene odds

Casino royale poker scene odds gold antigua casino

Throw in all of the dramatic hands and sappy storylines, and this movie was dead money as soon as it was made.

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Poker scene [ Casino Royale ] The odds of those hands occurring change given the what cards are on the board. YouTube - James Bond is all-in (last poker hand in Casino Royale) Still issues though, because a few scenes later the Swiss banker has. In the fierce Texas Hold'em game in Casino Royale, James Bond looks down on a board showing As Ah 8s 6s 4s. Obviously it's No Limit Texas Hold'em, the game to play when the film was released back in In Ian Fleming's original, however, Bond was playing high stakesChemin de Fer. Embedded above is a climactic scene from the James Bond movie Casino Royale. Waddell explains just how lucky Bond is here: All four.